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Prof. Ajay Pratap Singh
Dean of Arts
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Economic and Rural Devlopment
History, Culture & Archaeology
Adult, Continuing & Extension Education
Department of Economics & Rural Devlopment

The department enjoys a reputation of an ideal center for teaching and research. Equipped with computer facility, statistical laboratory and skilled faculty members, it undertakes research projects sponsored by UGC, ICSSR, IGFCC, Government of India, State Government etc. on a regular basis. Till date 14 Research Projects have been completed. Seminars, Symposia, Workshops, Annual ‘Lohia’ and ‘Ambedkar’ memorial lecture series are some of the regular features. Eminent economists and academicians like Prof. Y.K. Alagh, G.K. Chaddha, G. Thimaya, T.S. Papola, A.M. Khusro, G. Nancharaiya, I. Marla, S.R. Hashim have visited and delivered lectures in the department. Department has organized 5 national level seminar till now. Two national workshops on Self Employment in Rural Development have also been organized by the department sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. It has an academic collaboration with Bloomsberg University, Pennsylvania, Indian Association of Population Studies and Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi. Prof. P.K. Sinha the Head of department regularly provides consultancy to various Government and Non-government organizations on honorary basis. He has also graced the office of the Vice chancellor for a period of six months from 14th September 2007 to 4th March 2008 of this very university. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Chair has also been established by Government of U.P. in the department which is involved in quality research relating to ideas and thoughts of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and related issues of contemporary relevance.

Department of History, Culture & Archaeology

The Department of History Culture & Archaeology established in 1984 is running composite course in History. For academic enrichment, department organizes lectures of eminent Professors on regular basis. The syllabi cover varied aspects of world history, cultural history, political and socio-economic history, history of Indian national movement and environmental archeology. Due to paragon and pragmatic syllabus more than dozen students have qualified in NET, JRF, Civil Services Examinations and in Academics. Two national level seminars and four refresher courses have been organized in the department till now. The department is also running masters program in tourism administration (MTA) since 2005 under self-finance scheme. Department has major thrust on quality research. Many research projects from U.G.C. and other agencies are being carried out. Reshabhdeva Jain Shodh Peeth established in 2001 & Sri Ram Shodh Peeth established in 2000, imbibed with research support facilities are casting great values to research work. Two research Journals “Rishabhadershna” and “Ramanushandhan” comprising research articles are being published by the department. Kosal Museum displayed with significant artifacts is a prominent centre for research scholars and curious students. The museum is continued to be rich with artifacts found in exploration and excavation expedition in Ayodhya, Barabanki and Ambedkarnagar districts. The department proposes to undertake Buddhist studies, Gandhian studies and Neharuvian studies under the major project scheme of UGC.

Department of Adult, Continuing & Extension Education

The department of Adult Continuing and Extension Education was established in 1984 by U.G.C. under the new approach of education “Extension as third dimension of Higher Education”. In 1988, the department was formally established under Faculty of Arts in First Statute of the varsity.