In order to get the library membership:
Any student/teacher/research student has to go to the library registration counter and fill the registration form, After submitting the form the membership is provided to the student/teacher/research student.
After this, the student/teacher/research student can issue any book in the library for 15 days, 2 books at a time on the Id alloted to the member. A penalty fee of Rs.1/day is added after 15 days. The the last date for submission of information is sent to the student/teacher/research student's registered mobile number and their Email Id.
OPAC Service
Which book, where is it, which author's book is the student/teacher/reseach student want to issue form the library, for this the student/teacher/research student must search the book through the OPAC service, note their location and books are issued at the sheduled time after giving the location at the counter .