Department of Biochemistry

A Centre of Excellence Department By U.P. Government

The Department was established in 1993 and presently offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. Programs in Biochemistry under regular mode. The department also caters M.Sc. programme in Biotechnology under Self Financing Mode. At the undergraduate level it offers B.Sc. with the combination of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Microbiology under Self Financing Mode. It has a group of faculty members who are highly dedicated to their research and teaching activities. Right from the date of inception, the department has been making sustained efforts to produce students of international standards. It is evident from the fact that the majority of the M.Sc. students who have passed so far have been absorbed/ engaged in regular services and/or research activities in various reputed institutions like IITR, CDRI, JNU, NII, ICGEB, pharmaceuticals companies and medical colleges along with institutions abroad. The department has well equipped laboratories with sophisticated instruments like spectropolarimeter, spectrofluorimeter, double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Bio-Rad electrophoresis system, isoelectric focusing system and protein purification system. The department is supported by DST-FIST and UGC-Special Assistance Programme at DRS level. Other major funding agencies include UPCST and UPCAR. The department has expertise in research in the areas of Proteins and Enzymes, Environmental Biochemistry & Toxicology, Reproductive Biochemistry and Neuroscience.
The programmes of Biochemistry and of Biotechnology is spread in four semester’s that winds up in a period of two years. Theoretical as well as practical exposures on various aspects is taught and demonstrated. The bridge between the university and research institute is covered with the students moving on to various prestigious laboratory across the nation for a period of six months. Students also take up Ph.D. programmes and their research work get space in leading journals of Biological Sciences.
The departmental faculty and students have published more than 200 research papers in National and International journals of repute. The faculty members of the department have been well recognized nationally. Professor Farrukh Jamal (currently HOD) has been bestowed with “Excellence in Teaching” award from Society for Agriculture Innovations & Development. Professor Jamal has some decent and excellent publications along with several independent projects. His recently published book entitled “Genetic Engineering - An Insight into the Strategies and Applications” as well as “Genetic Engineering: A Glimpse of Techniques and Applications” by InTech Publisher, Croatia has been acclaimed internationally. Under his leadership and the cooperation of faculty members the department is regularly organizing interactive sessions with experts, talks / seminars, and conducting workshops to update the students on various issues related to this field. The department has organized several national seminars, conferences, webinars, talks and workshop on several occasions. Professor Ram Lakhan Singh has received “Shikshak Shri Samman” from Government of Uttar Pradesh. Professor Neelam Pathak book entitled “Genetic Engineering” published by Oxford Press has received wide appreciation by student community. All the faculty members have received best paper presentation awards in various seminars and conferences and are regularly invited to deliver talks in their area of expertise.

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