Chief Proctor

The University is having a dynamic proctorial board which is mainly responsible for discipline and maintaining law and order on the campus. Students are required to get themselves enrolled in proctorial office and get their Identity Card prepared after the process of admission is completed.

Dr. R.N. Rai
Chief Proctor

Proctorial Board:

1. Dr.H.S.SINGH Deputy Proctor

2. Dr.S.K.VERMA Deputy Proctor

3. Dr.NEELAM SINGH Assistant Proctor

4. Dr.VINAY MISHRA Assistant Proctor

5. Mr.BRIJESH BHARADWAJ Assistant Proctor

6. Dr.RAVI PRAKASH PANDEY Assistant Proctor

7. Dr.RAJESH SINGH KUSHWAHA Assistant Proctor


Chief Proctor Office
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Faizabad