Chair & Centres

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar chair in Economics:

The chair was created by the government of Uttar Pradesh for the furtherance of research based on economic and allied thinking of Dr. Ambedkar. The chair, in collaboration with the department of economics and Rural development, has been regularly organizing Lecture series, Seminars, Symposia and conducting field based studies for grass root planning.


Power Point Presentation on Ambedkar's Thought on Agricultural Holdings in India

Sri Ram chair:

The Uttar Pradesh Government has created the chair for research based on the ideals of Lord Sri Ram, promotion of spiritual and scientific temperament and spreading the teachings and values of Lord Sri Ram to common man.

Rishabha Dev Shodh Peeth (Research Center):

The Shodh Peeth has been established by the Uttar Pradesh Government for promotion of teaching and research of Jain and contemporary Philosophy in religious and historical perspectives.